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August 25, 2003 commentary

                                                                                                             September 16, 2003


                                                      Here We Go Again!



Yesterday on September 15, 2003 the 9th Circuit (aka circus) Court decided that the people of California are stupid. 


Allow me to explain.


First of all the citizens of California had by the prescribed percent allowed in the recall provision of the California State Constitution, decided that a recall was in order. THAT did not sit well with the democrats and their very liberal allies on the bench.


In a Judgment handed down by the by three liberal activist judges two of whom were appointed by former President Clinton, and one by former President Carter, they pushed back the Re-call election in that state from October 07, until sometime in March.  


Here is partial text of that decision:


"We would be remiss if we did not observe that this is a critical time in our nations history when we are attempting to persuade the people of other nations of the value of free and open elections. Thus we are especially mindful of the need to demonstrate our commitment to the elections held fairly, free of chaos, with each citizen assured that his or her vote will be counted, and with each vote entitled to the equal weight. A short postponement of the election will accomplish those aims and reinforce our national commitment to democracy."


This should make a lot of Americans angry. Since when is legislation decided from the bench? What is the reason for this decision? Well the Democrats, who are no doubt behind this, feel that they simply cannot win in this re-call. So they are trying again to gain in the courts what they cant gain in the arena of ideas or at the ballot box.  


The decision was based on the fact that the ballots are similar in type to the ones used in Florida, during the Presidential elections of 2000.  However these same ballots were used to ELECT Governor Davis, and most of the California legislature in 2002. Why are they so horrid now? It has been reported that they have a 2 percent error rate wherein the more modern voting machines have only a 1 percent error. Ergo that is simply not fair. What I have not been able to find out is which of these counties in California have the old ballots and which have the more modern versions. It would not surprise me to find that the former were located in more heavily democratic counties. But of course that is speculation.


What also troubles me here is that these Judges, are basically saying that the voters are to stupid to figure this out, and that the government needs to help them to vote. This in itself to me is discriminatory.  It demeans the intelligence of the voters of California. 


It is also noted by this writer that a delay until March would put this election right around the time of the Democratic Primary in that state, when democratic voter turnout would surely be larger. What a co-incidence! 


All this being said, I feel that the President could do better in checking his own party, because they seem to be as big on Big Government as the Liberals and the Democratic Party that they have come to dominate.