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                                           December 29, 2003


                                               And So Another Year Has Passed


Where has this year gone?  And what have we seen?  I would venture to say that this year has seen some major changes in the way the world looks at itself and at this nation in particular.  The nation itself has come to realize that it has taken on the role of protector of liberty.  Not only its own, but others as well.  It is a shame that there exist in this world so many other nations that look only to their own well being at the expense of others. 


So again, what have we seen?


First and foremost of course is the elimination of a tyrant that ruled his country with an iron hand. The early part of this year started with an invasion of Iraq, and its subsequent dash in less than a month to Baghdad. The toppling of Suddam Hussein was accomplished with very few casualties. And while the guerilla attacks, mostly by Islamic fundamentalists and Saddam loyalists, still occur they have become less.  Of course the best news of all came early this month with the capture of the tyrant himself. The man who vowed to fight to the very end was found cowering in a spider hole.  The information that this man holds in his head is slowly being extracted and used to route out the aforementioned attackers. 


All of this has seemingly caused other nations that sponsor terrorists and their actions to begin to consider and alternative in the way of co-operation with the US as opposed fighting it.  Witness Kadahfi, who has suddenly decided to destroy his WMD's and allow verifiable inspections. The Iranians have done something similar in the way of signing on to verifiable inspections.[1] The Saudis have agreed to begin having free elections in some of their smaller ruling circles such as local councils etc.  Now while NONE of these leaders of those nations have mentioned stepping down, they are stepping in the right direction.  Perhaps, in the words of Abraham Lincoln "right is might" we are seeing that the exercising of that might is a very stimulating factor in getting nations to move in a more positive direction.


This year has also seen the North Koreans who admittedly cheated on the treaty that they had signed with the Clinton Administration, come to a more receptive idea of negotiations with other nations included.  I would dare say that it is possible that Jung II, may have decided to play ball after seeing what happened to Hussein. Of course this is speculation but it is entirely possible.


The economy, which the liberal democrats have been so harping on finally started rebounding big time towards October of this year.  All due in part to the tax cuts that were made into law early on in the Bush Administration, which were specifically designed to stimulate the economy.


I believe also that more Americans have moved more towards a traditional way of thinking. Yes one might say this nation has taken a more conservative tone.  Where once one was thought to be out of touch many Americans have proven that they are very much in tune with the rest of their fellow citizens. And it is, in fact, those special interests on the left that are really out of the mainstream. 


This can be explained in part by the Democrat Partys nine candidates who have yet to present a clear a concise plan for this nation. All of them are so blinded by what has been termed "Bush Hatred" that not a one of them can say what they could do for America. All are trying to cater to the fringe members of their party.  And to be quite honest, the folks that live between the East and the Left coast are pretty much tired of all this sniping, and whining.


This year has also seen Rush Limbaugh admit to having been addicted to prescription pain killers.  Yet he stood up and took his medicine and let it all be known.  He quite matter-of-factly stated that he was certainly no role model and then checked into a drug rehab to rid himself of this horrible affliction. Unlike a former resident of the White House, Mr. Limbaugh spoke the truth.  Of course those on the left showed their compassion by having a field day with Mr. Limbaugh's affliction.  And again those ordinary Americans flooded his email with well wishes and prayers.  And so yet again the left wound up with egg on it face.


To be sure there have also been setbacks. The passing of the massive Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will saddle our children with an onerous tax burden by the year 2030.  The endless dragging on of the President Bush's judicial nominations by the democrats, which again have shown them to be a party of obstruction and not cooperation, has not yet sunk into the minds of the Bush Administration.  The firing and dismissal of Judge Moore for daring to challenge the ALCU, for so many years, on the issue of the 1st amendment rights, also made headlines for a good number of days. (BTW, last time I looked Judge Moore WAS NOT congress and as such had NOT established any religion.)


One last thought here. It was earlier this year that the space shuttle disintegrated upon re-entry into the earth's atmosphere. Truly it was a tragedy of monumental proportions. I know that the prayers and hearts of ALL Americans have been and still are sent to those families whose love ones perished.


Let us now look towards a wonderful New Year. A year that will see the freeing perhaps of more people living under the heal of tyranny, that will cure ever more diseases. One that will bring the enlightenment that only freedom can bring to a dark world.


With best wishes to the coming New Year I remain;


Your humble editor




[1] Note that for years the UN has been trying to do the same thing, and had yet to succeed.