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                                                                                                             January 03, 2004


                                               I Had a Dream



The other day I had a dream, a daydream if you will. I dreamed of a world wherein the United States decided to close it boarders, ceased immigration, and withdrew into isolation. The champion of Democracy had had enough of being called fascists, or terrorists, or warmongers or any other demeaning or hateful remarks. She took her military, and closed all her bases in foreign lands, and used it to guard only herself and her citizens. She took her ability to develop technology and made herself so strong as to pretty much make her impervious to ANY threat from any nation. She became energy INDENDENT, buy developing a renewable source of energy.  She stopped trading with other nations, and allowed her citizens to develop a trade system within the nation that negated any need for foreign trade. In fact she took all her ambassadors and brought them back to her shores. Then finally she threw out the United Nations, because she came to realize that it was nothing more but a gathering of gaggling geese, thugs, and criminals bent on her destruction.


As the dream progressed, I was able to see a Europe that had become so cowered by Islamic terrorists also known as the Islamic Coalition, as to become virtually a satellite of those that would have enslaved America.  For they had sought, to instead appease them than to fight them, and so lost what freedom they had once called their own.  Those that had at one time shouted and denounced America were the first to be eliminated by the new rulers of the European Union. The lifestyles of the elite intelligentsia of the old world continent were ruthlessly suppressed.  


Russia, aka, the former evil empire was eyed by those same Jihadists that had taken over Western Europe, and so reverted to a totalitarian state, once again absorbing the nations that comprised Eastern Europe so as to protect itself from the onslaught. All those that were once free, due to the economic and military strength of America, were once more enslaved. 


The nations of Canada and Mexico were reduced to abject poverty, due to the cancellation of NAFTA and every other trade agreement, that they became nothing more than states filled with robber barons, and anarchists. Almost all of the South American nations were likewise placed in the same position with the exception of the narcolords who became all powerful and in a move that reminded me of the Middle Ages, became feudal lords ruling over small areas like little fiefdoms, with an iron fist. Of course the people suffered immensely because they had no hope of ever becoming free. Many of them were beholding to the narcolords for they were not only tied to the land that produced plants for narcotics, but they were also addicted to them. The biggest market for these drugs were the onetime free nations of Europe whose new rulers seen the advantage of having a permanently drugged populace as being easier to rule. There was of course a duel policy in place there, that being the outlawing of the illicit drugs, but the turning of a blind eye, with an occasional show trial, to maintain order and discipline.



The nations of Africa succumbed to one plague after another and one epidemic after another, for the medical technology that was once led by the U.S. medical and pharmaceutical establishment was no longer available. They being poor nations had neither the means nor, the finances to develop any form of protective measures. Nor was the UN in any position to provide humanitarian help because it was so dominated by the Islamic Coalition, mercy not being in their vocabulary.  In fact, for the most part those nations were now barren wastelands and jungles, as many of the population had died. 


The New Palestinian state that came into existence after the final destruction of Israel, that had seen the slaughter of innocent men, women and children as to make the Holocaust seem like a picnic, finally degraded into a nation that was likewise filled with poverty, hatred, and violence. However there was no longer anyone left to vent that anger on, so they turned upon themselves.  Many were the cries of its citizens that NOW longed for the time when they were citizens of a democratic republic in Israel.


And finally there was Asia. Without the US to help safeguard them, the nations of Asia fell one by one to the dictators of China. First was Taiwan, then BOTH Koreas, then all of Southeast Asia, Japan, and finally the Philippines. (Even the Islamic Militants were not able to stop them).  What was once Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea, had become isolated, and without the help of American arms so as to become nations of tribute payers. Yes they retained independence of a sort, but were not free.  


The only places that went untouched by the New Dark Ages were the United States of America, whose people foresaw the need for strength, that only liberty and freedom can bring,  and the North and South Poles, whose penguins and polar bears posed no threat to the new world order.


Of course this was all a dream. But could it be possible if America were to actually withdraw from the world?