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September 04 2004
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                                                                  September 04 2004



                                                        This Is the Face of the Enemy



Yesterday I wrote about the tragedy perpetuated upon the Russian people by the Islamofacisits/terrorists. I have been reading various accounts of this attack that has been the culmination of several days of violence by this group. 


First off the Itar Tass News Agency has said that this has been the work of Chechen warlord Shamil Basayev. Secondly, there have been ties and connection made with other terror groups such as Al Quida reportedly financed by Abu Omar As-Seyf, an Arab who allegedly represents Al-Quida in Chechnya, amongst the dead thugs were several Arabs.  It is not a far leap to figure out how much support that they are receiving from this organization and other groups associated with them. 


But more importantly is the fact that these are cruel people. I have yet to really hear any formal condemnation from the so-called “Arab Street”.   As an example of these cruelties I have used some comments from the survivors of this horrid atrocity.


      Lines of dead children and adults could be seen lying on stretchers, covered with white sheets,,, children also were laid out under a grove of trees near a hospital awaiting identification,,, 704 persons were hospitalized, including 259 children. Many were severely burned,,, a suicide bomber blew herself up in the gym,,, the militants began wiring the school with explosives as soon as they took control,,, the gym had been rigged with explosives packed in plastic bottles strung up around the room on a cord and stuffed with metal objects,,, kept the hundreds of children along with parents who had been bringing them for the first day of school and other adults in the sweltering gymnasium, refusing to allow deliveries of food and water. ‘They didn't let me go to the toilet for three days, not once. They never let me drink or go to the toilet,’ ambulances speeding by, the windows streaked with blood.”[1]


The question here is what should be the response of Russia?  President Putin has vowed vengeance.  Another person was quoted as saying that;


 “Fathers will bury their children, and after the morning period[2], they will take up weapons and seek revenge.”


This is a very difficult situation for Russia and its people.  In a way this is truly a hard and rude awakening.  As you know Russia was very much opposed to our invasion of Iraq, however, they have been dealing with this breakaway province since 1990.  Yet nothing of this scale has happened with the exception of the take over of that movie theatre in Moscow a couple of years ago wherein hundreds where killed or injured.  However this time there are obvious connections between the terror networks and the Chechen rebels.


So what to do?  Any strong reaction is sure to lead to counteraction. Yet granting the demands of this province and its leaders would be an even graver mistake. Think of it. A haven for terrorists to operate in with pretty much little opposition to stop them from their horrid actions.  Secondly I fear Checnya would become like Iran or Syria, wherein the population would be oppressed. Yes they say they are fighting for their freedom, but make no mistake, this is all part of the greater vision of the Islamofacisits. And should Russia give in and grant independence, their freedom will be very short lived.


 There is of course the fact that a heavy reaction will provoke a bloody civil war. However as I said before it is a battle that Russia must win.  The cost will be undoubtedly high on both sides, but Russia cannot afford to lose this battle for it is part in parcel in the War against Terror.





[1] All comments can be found in an article by  Mike Eckel of The Washington Times

[2] he is referring to the 40 day period of mourning the Russian Orthodox religion