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                                                                                                                    October 4, 2003


                                                             Lacking in Vision


I happened to catch, that advertisement for weight watchers, MR. Kennedy on C-Span the last couple of days and he of course was doing what Democrats do best, condemning the President on his Iraq policy. Apparently Mr. Kennedy is hung up on the WMDs that have not been found in Iraq.  In fact it seems the entire Democrat party is fixated on this one topic. The concept for them is simple, no weapons, then the deaths of US Service Personnel were a waste and in vain. That is their strategy or at least part of it. Additionally, Nancy Pelosi keeps right on suggesting that President Bush didnt use all avenues of diplomacy before going to war.  They would have us cut and run if it were in their power to do so. 


What neither of them sees is the larger picture. This is a WORLD WAR! Not like versions one or two or like the cold war. This is a war with out boundaries, without armies to conquer or to fight. It is a war of freedom versus the tyranny. This is a war that will bring to peoples the concept of liberty and freedom.  It seems to this writer that Mr. Kennedy and Ms. Pelosi seem to think that helping someone else to achieve that goal is not noble. I would even go so far as to say that they are isolationists. Freedom is only good here in this country and even better if we control that freedom. In my view that is how they think.


I continually hear about the cost of the war, of the reconstruction, about how that money could be better spent here in the US, (by of course the very people who make such claims controlling those funds), on the poor, and the downtrodden.

Excuse me but I hardly think that the Iraqi people were sitting in the lap of luxury.

They seem to think that those people who were living under those brutal regimes, such as the Taliban and Hussein, the citizenry were better off.


The bottom line here is this; we either face this threat now and on their turf, or they will bring it to us here. Maybe not now, not next month or next year, but more likely in the next generation, and it will be our children that suffer.


The one thing about terrorists is that they are patient. They know they could not openly defeat the US on a battlefield, (hence the quick victories in Afghanistan and Iraq), but theirs is a strategy of wearing us down. And that is where the Kennys and the Pelosis of this country fall short. They do not see the bigger picture.


Btw, as of this writing the Kay report, while not turning up the WMDs did in fact show that those programs were in place and well on their way. And additionally the missile program was advancing as well. Secondly, the time table for handing over to the Iraqi people is more advanced at this time than was predicted. So the next time you see a burning humvee, remember, bringing freedom to others only benefits this nations security in the long run.