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                                                                                           November 8, 2003


                                      Notes on the News



                                    And You Call Them Friends?


According to an article at  ,


 , our friends and staunch allies The French and the Germans as seeking the lifting of the arms restrictions. The restrictions known as the

Tiananmen Square Sanctions have been in place for quite some time now and have been a blocking agent in the acquiring of sophisticated weaponry by the PRA.  And now, we have those stalwarts of virtue and freedom wanting to sell our enemy weapons.  All of this comes on the heels of the recently discovered caches of French made arms to Iraqi in direct violation of UN Sanctions, SOME as recently manufactured as 2001.


I hear so often by the left on how the makers of weapons and arms dealers in this country are so greedy. And yet here we have our friends and the darlings of the Elitolibrocrats wanting to sell off technology that would most definitely have an impact on the safety of this nation.  Yet another reason to never trust these people


And why not? They have nothing to fear. It isnt their countries that would be directly threatened. And even if it were so, theyd fold like a cheap umbrella in a rainstorm, and surrender. The appeasers are on the march yet again. One could also assume that the desire to acquire these modern weapons would go a long way in the admitted plan to take back Taiwan by any means necessary.  And the modernizing of the PRA has begun to cause an arms buildup in nations such as Japan, India, Taiwan, and South Korea.  .


I might add here that there was a violation of the sanctions during the Clinton administration when a contributor to the Clinton campaign was allowed to sell off sensitive technology to the Chinese. It is funny here to note that it was also the Clinton administration that blocked the sale of more modern naval equipment to Taiwan. This assures us that it would be US military personal coming to the aid of Taiwan should such the aforementioned plan of the PRA ever come to fruition.


Why do we even bother to talk with these so-called allies? It is obvious to most Americans that our allies could care less what happens here in this country. In fact they simply hold it in contempt.  I would remind them here that should the United States ever fail, they go right down the toilet. Who was it that said give them enough rope, and theyll hang themselves?

It is the opinion of this writer that SHOULD these arms sales go through, the United States should immediately cease all military contracts, treaties, and agreements with the French and other European nations and withdraw every single last American military person in Europe.


                                         The Pro-Death Lobby


First off I will no longer look at abortionists as pro-choice, they are simply pro-death, (unless it is a criminal on death row) and as such I shall from this point on call them as I see them. 


President Bush signed into law this past week a ban on partial birth abortion. The ink had hardly dried when the pro-death lobbies had appealed the ban in courts in Nebraska, New York and a few other states. 


Who is really out of touch here?  Partial birth abortion is a horrendous act. Most of you that are reading this are familiar with it so I will not go into the gruesome details of the procedure itself. Yet many Americans ( at least 2\3) claim to be against abortion. Still we see a small minority of radical Elitolibrocrats claiming it as a RIGHT.  So again I ask; who is out of touch with reality here?  


It is this writers opinion that ALL abortion should be made illegal.


The abortion industry, and that is what it is, is a multi million dollar industry. A good deal of it is taxpayer funded as well.  Why not take this industry and all the money that is being spent on it, and use it for and ADOPTION industry?  These funds could be used to give women the pre-natal care they need, AND be used to defray legal costs that are one of the major stumbling blocks against parents that want to adopt.


I believe Jerry Falwell, has a similar operation already in place wherein unwed teenage mothers are cared for, and then take the pregnancy to term, and then have the choice of either keeping the baby or putting it up for adoption.  (NOTE THE WORD CHOICE). In fact in an article, again at;


He as stated that they are currently looking for African-Americans to adopt some of these children. 


So how about it Americans? How about we as a nation stop this love affair and the craven cave-ins and kowtowing of conservatives on this issue? Support the President on this issue!



 Tell the Elitolibcrats and the pro-death lobby that THEY are the ones who are out of touch!




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