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                                                                                                                May 2, 2004


                                 Another letter to a friend



I do so enjoy talking with people, because it restores my faith in the American people. As you know I work in NYC, and there are so many people that are so defeatist. They lean very much to the left, and just see everything that is wrong with this country and NONE of the good things that are there, like its people.

 There are so many folks that live between the east and left coast of this wonderful nation.  Many are very traditional, and conservative. But are also mislead by a left leaning media, which has a very obvious agenda, if anyone would care to really take the time to look. And herein lays the problem. There are as I had said many folks that would gladly push the left to back burner forever, if they were just informed better and made more aware, but most are apathetic, which is a shame.

I myself have become that way at times, and just when I think it doesn't matter anymore, I find something in the news that so enrages me, that I just get back on my soapbox and start again. I wish more folks would see it that way.

However the good news is that there is a rising tide in this country, that is slowly beginning to wake up from its apathy, and it is mad. Mad that it is being told by a very vocal minority, that its that God is not allowed in just about any part of their lives. They are tired of being told that their values are out of touch, and not instep with mainstream America, when quite the opposite is true. They are tired of being told that the American culture, aka, the American experience, is one of tyranny and oppression, and that their history, is not one of compassion. They are tired of being talked down to in condescending manner by elitists that think that they know what is best for all the citizens of this nation.  And finally they are very tired of being told of all that is wrong, with this nation and not of what is good.

My friend, I have been for the last few years working hard to change that image. I have some minor success, and have brought some folks around to my way of thought, but I fear that there is so much more to be done. 

It is my hope that someday we will be a proud nation again, under God, and indivisible.