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September 03, 2004
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                                                   September 3, 2004



                        Let’s Call Them What They Are


The last few days have been dominated by the GOP convention here in NYC. However there is some news in Russia that has been capturing the headlines. I am speaking about the hostages that were taken by Chechneyan rebels. 


First let us make no mistake about this, these are not just rebels that are unhappy with the treatment that they have received by the hands of the former USSR and currently Russia, and in all honesty they were very badly mistreated, but they are in fact ISLAMOFACIST terrorists. You can say what you wish but these folk are what they are no more no less.


They have taken innocent CHILDREN in their schools, the one place you’d think that they’d be safe, and as of this writing the officials in Russia have stormed and taken the school. Hundreds were killed and even more were wounded.  There is no report on the actual terrorists themselves; however I would suspect that they are certainly amongst the dead.   


This is a horrible tragedy and one that could very well happen here in this country. Imagine, if you dare, it is just another day of school, and all of a sudden we hear on the news about a group of terrorists taking YOUR kids hostage and executing them one by one. You don’t think that could happen here? We NEVER thought that we’d ever be attacked but 911 changed all that.


This is the face of our enemy. An enemy that would stoop so low as to attack our most precious of all possessions,,,, our children. 


And do not sound so shocked when I say that this is a war. I have  been saying this for year.  It has only been in the last 3 year that we had a president that was willing to stand up and say THIS IS A WAR!



This is the reason WHY we must continue with this war and with the current administration in charge. Anything less would be a disaster. We would go back to the old policy of treating the terrorists as criminals that need to be brought to justice. We’d have a wait and see policy and a hope and a prayer policy.  This is unacceptable. Stay the course folks. We will win this war.