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Commentary March 27, 2007

Commentary March 27, 2007
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March 27, 2007



The New Democrat Strategy – Scandal-mongering

By Richard Woitowitz

Editor Bluecollar Conservative defines scandal-mongering as a “sensational journalistic reportage of the scandal"; "yellow press"” lists a myriad of synonyms, some of which are defamation, muckraking, smear campaign, vilification,  vituperation, and further defines it as belittlement.


And so it is with the new Democrat strategy to regain the White House in 2008.  


Witness the non-scandal of one Scooter Libby whom the new powers that be in the democratically controlled congress were determined to hang.  Never mind all the facts that I had linked to in my previous posts about all the facts not being reported.  We all know that facts never mean much to those on the left, especially if they do not fit their agenda.


More recently we have the non-news of Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, firing eight attorneys for not doing their jobs in accordance with the wishes of the President, whom the last time I checked had the right to decide who is hired and fired.  More obviously forgotten is the Clinton administration of fire it’s entire staff of in the White house travel department AND the firing of the ENTIRE staff of 93 attorneys.


Of course there exists that continual whispering of impeachment of President Bush. This is not so much what the Librocrats hope to achieve (for if they did gain this goal then Dick Cheney who is hated even more by the left than the President would in fact become the President), but is more of a plan to constantly paint the Bush Whitehouse as being scandal ridden. 


I have yet to hear a concrete plan of what they have to offer.  And to be honest I’d take any ideas with a grain of salt, simply because they have reneged on promise after promise already since becoming the majority party in congress. 


If there was anytime for Republicans to show some backbone, it is now!


Anne Coulter has stated in a piece written for Human Events Online that President Bush should, in her words, say:


"We did it, it was political, and there's nothing you can do about it."

Then he should start holding hearings on Congress' obstruction of the war effort. Members of Congress should be asked to come before the administration's hearings and testify under oath about their commitment to victory. If they are not traitors, what do they have to hide? Surely they will be willing to state under oath that they are not undermining the war effort for partisan political gain”

Considering this past week’s news wherein the President has said he would veto the new spending bill that links the funding of troops to a withdrawal timetable, we might just be seeing the hints of a spine.