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   October 12, 2003


                                                     Some Notes on the News


                                                      The Breach of Security


For the last couple of weeks the White House has been deluged with the news that a security leak as reported by Robert Novak, was of such paramount magnitude that it boarded on disaster. Well recently it was revealed in an article at Newsmax that the CIA agent one Valerie Plame had been outed long before the article written by Novak.


Remember one Aldrich Ames, the former CIA agent who was arrested in 1994 and compromised the CIAs agents in Russia? As quoted in the article;


"Times columnist Nicholas Kristof explained that the Ames tip compromised Valerie Plame's undercover secrecy so thoroughly that she was brought back to Washington for safety reasons." And according to another article on the court TV website:


this information was passed during the mid 1980s by giving the names of every CIA operative in Russia including that of Ms Plame. 


So while the leak is regrettable, it does not have any real bearing on current security as Ms. Plames life was no longer in any real jeopardy. It seems to me that the Democrats are just looking for any means to bring down the current administration for their own purposes and are really not all that interested in this nation's security. Dang wasnt it just a few weeks ago when Mr. Kennedy had ranted that President Bush used the Iraqi war as a means to a political end. What goes around comes around.


                                                The Governator


So far the big name political pundits have called the election of Arnold Schwarzenegger a populist uprising among the people of California.  I somehow have a different view of all of this.  It is this writers belief that the people of California had had enough of the Liberal Democrats ruining their state. Increasing taxes, and showing an obvious contempt for the will of the people. Remember proposition 13, passed in 1978, which put a limit on property taxes? (Although it appears that as of this writing the Governor-elect seems to favor an increase in those very same taxes).  Then there was the increase in the car tax that tripled the current payment.  Or how about the energy mess that they made there resulting in the brownouts in the summer of 2002. But the final nail in the coffin, for obvious political expediency (dang there is that word again),was the signing into law a bill that would allow illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses thus establishing residency in the US. EVERYONE and their mothers know what a great security risk this is going to turn out to be in the end.  (All of this coming from a party that becomes outraged when their patriotism is called into question).


Speaking of the election it seems that Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante received approximately 52% of the Hispanic vote. While this is a definitely a majority, it is hardly a dramatic landslide when viewed in the context that the other 48% was split by the other candidates notably Schwarzenegger and McClintock. All of this coming  within the last decade or so, that witnessed the passage of propositions 187 (denying of taxpayer funded services to non residents) and 209 (banning affirmative action, that is, prohibited preferential treatment in the work place and public schools and universities).


Either way the people of California had spoken. While there may be a grain of truth to what the experts say about ALL incumbents needing to become wary of the results, I still maintain this was more of a message to the Democrats. Said message being, come back from the extreme fringes of the left, namely the special interest groups that fund the Liberal wing of your party or you will be history. THAT is the real message.


                                             Illegal Immigrants and Security


In a related thought to signing of the bill that would grant illegal immigrants the right to obtain drivers licenses it occurs to me that Mr. Davis for the sake of his political career sold out those of us that want to see this problem solved. As I had mentioned above the Liberals always seem, to paraphrase Shakespeare doth protest to much when their patriotism is called on the carpet. And yet here they are pushing for this bill that would undoubtedly do more to harm homeland security than anything I can think of at this point in time. Please be advised that this is not a shot at the Hispanic community, but it my objections are targeted for all illegal aliens. In particular those that have terrorist ties. For goodness sakes why dont we just give them explosives and light the fuses ourselves? 


Admittedly, and sorrowfully the Bush administration has likewise played loose goose with this issue. They basically refuse to take a stand on this for fear of angering the Hispanic community and loosing its vote.


I wonder how many people in this country actually realize the damage that is done by these criminals. And yes make no mistake they are criminals.


For one they take away jobs from Americans. Yes I know the arguments; they do the jobs that no one else will do. Well the only reason they do them is because they do them for so much less than even minimum wages. Remove them and then those that wish to employ busboys, day laborers etc will be forced to pay union scale or at the very least minimum wages. I often find myself wondering why the unions wish to organize these workers when it in the long run hurts their own membership. Would it not be better to oppose the amnesty that is still being proposed in congress?


Secondly many are unskilled. The last thing this country needs is more unskilled workers. Let us face facts here; The American workplace is rapidly becoming a place that requires a more highly skilled and better educated worker. 


And finally, many are security risks that enter this country to harm it. That should be reason enough in itself.


All this being said it seems that the will of the American people to do something about this problem is being totally ignored by both parties, and that is the saddest part of all.