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Septmember 21, 2003 - Commentary
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August 25, 2003 commentary

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                                                                                                September 21, 2003


                                          An Open Letter to Mr. Kennedy




And, I use even that term reluctantly, nor can I refer to you as Senator for you have gone beneath any dignity you may have had. I must take exception to your comment of this past Friday, September 19, 2003.  You have suggested that President Bush and the current administration used the war in Iraq, for nothing more than political means to an end.  I am outraged by such a demeaning remark. Although I must admit that I am hardly surprised by anything you say. 


I would say to you Mr. Kennedy that the President extended the hand of friendship to you very early in the administration well prior to 9-11. And all you and your ilk have ever done is snipe at him the entire time.  He allowed you card blanch on the education bill in which you immediately and  promptly removed the ONE  idea (school vouchers, which many minority parents have approved) that may have taken poor urban kids out of subclass schools in many cities across this nation.  And by the time you were finished it you had spent more than was intended and then whined that it was not enough and called it cutting education.   Is this not political expediency as well?  Yes sir it is, but youd hardly admit to it would you?  Let us be honest Mr. Kennedy, you gutted the best part of the bill to protect your standing with the all powerful teachers unions. You sir have condemned to thousands of children and their parents to a life of no hope in getting a better education.  All the while you and your friends in those aforementioned unions have had the means to opt out of the public education arena for your own kids.


Let us move on to the aftermath of 9-11.


It was people like you and your leftist friends in the government, as Charles Krauthammer so rightly stated in an article for National Review Online,  which urged the President to hurry up and move on some action once the terrorists that were responsible were identified as having originated out of bases in Afghanistan.  All of a sudden you were rushing off to war.  My goodness, Mr. Kennedy nobody accused all of you to using this for political advantage in the least.   And finally when the move WAS made many of you predicted that thousands of Americans would be coming home in body-bags. 


And you folks made the same dire predictions for the War with Iraq, and again such has not been the case. In fact more French people died during the unprecedented hot summer in France, than died in the entire War on Terror to date.  Your party has been trying to "Vietnamize" the war. In fact I truly believe you all hope that such a scenario plays out.  


I move here to point out the hypocrisy of your statement even further. I seem to remember that the former occupant of the White House had lobbed a few missiles at what later turned out to be an aspirin factory in Afghanistan. This action occurred based on the intelligence that had been gathered at the time in the hopes of taking out Osama Ben Laden. It is amazing how it also occurred during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.  Political expediency indeed sir would you not say so? But of course not, for then President Clinton was fighting the war on terror, even though he had ample opportunities for Ben Ladens capture. 


I suppose I could go on but I believe that I have more than made my point. To be honest Mr. Kennedy, I hope you do continue talking like this and continue to make these courageous remarks.  And I hope you do stand by your right to make them. For you only prove to the American people how you and others like you are really out of touch with a majority of the people of this wonderful nation.


As I always say, (and at times forget myself), please engage brain before putting mouth in gear.