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                                                                                                       September 4, 2003


                                                           Upping the Ante



Is it me or has anyone else noted the new trend of terrorist actions in Iraq?  Almost immediately after the war was declared officially over by the President, the acts of terror began.  Mostly they were aimed at our military personnel in and around Baghdad.  But now there seems to be a new trend. It appears that the terrorists, who no doubt are supplied, aided and abetted by such nations as Syria and Iran and organizations as Al-Quaida, have been doing what terrorists do best; committing homicide bombings against the CIVILIAN  population.  So now we have fundamentalist Moslems killing innocent men, women, and children of the very same faith. Is there something wrong with this picture?


Ever since the radical Islamic movement declared Jihad against not only Israel, but pretty much of the non-Islamic word, the attacks have been against those that are non- believers.  My question in this article, to the Islamic community here in this country is why is there no public outcry? 


It is obvious as to what these groups in Iraq are trying to accomplish. And that is the cowering of the general population and forcing them to condemn the United States presence there, in order to force us out.  The strategy is quite simple; kill civilians, make them howl, and finally tell us to leave. Better to have peace, than this.  That is the battle plan.


The counter plan is to have much better intelligence first of all.


Secondly it would be to our benefit to secure the borders between Iraq and her neighbors Syria and Iran, thereby preventing such groups from entering.


Third would be, show nightly on Iraqi TV, how it is the Terrorists that are killing civilians and not the US Military.  In fact I would suggest a huge counter measure vis--vis a propaganda campaign proving that fact. 


Fourth would be bring in as much help as needed to show the peaceful intent of the United States and to get the economy of Iraq up and running so that the people see the benefits of a free society. THAT would go along way in making them more willing to fight for their OWN freedom against these thugs.


Finally, the role for The United Nations, while in this writers opinion is not deemed worth the trouble, would be to assist with the resources at its disposal to achieve the previous suggestion.


On another note, Israel has finally decided to declare war on Hamas. That is something that I had suggested many times.  It amazes me how the Palestinian people are the ones that are suffering due to the actions of their misguided leadership.  They have continually and fragrantly violated the ceasefire that was agreed to by that leadership. The leadership itself is not in control of these thugs nor have they really tried to crackdown on them. It is my belief that it is Prime Minister Abbas that gets his marching orders from the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Islamic Jihad and other terror groups.   In fact I think that the ceasefire was welcomed by these groups not so much for a chance for peace, but as an opportunity to practice the three Rs; Rest, Regroup and Resume!


Prior to the ceasefire the Israelis were only days or so away from basically destroying Arafat and his group of thugs. Then our President persuaded Sharon from finishing the job that the he and the Israeli Military had started.  I wonder what would have happened if they had been left alone and got it done?  Perhaps, wed not be facing such an uphill battle elsewhere.  It is my thoughts that IF groups like that are TOTALLY destroyed on one front it will serve to discourage others from joining them in their murderous plots.


No matter how you slice it. Either way, innocent civilians are the ones that will see the most hurt, the most heartache and the most deaths.  Whether they are Israeli, Palestinians, or Iraqis, the only way this will stop is with the complete and utter annihilation of these enemies of peace