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                                                                  April 22, 2006


Click on the below link then read my commenary


My thoughts on this are as follows:


1)      Build the fence period! This would most certain severely handicap, stymie and discourage those that wish to enter out country illegal for whatever purpose they have in mind.  I realize that some just simply want a better a life, and I do sympathize, however there are those that wish to enter to do us harm, and THAT cannot be allowed to happen.

2)      Place a moratorium on immigration. We could do that for perhaps five years. While I am not in favor of amnesty, I sort of see it as a necessary evil. With a fence in place, it could then be done.  However certain requirements would be necessary for becoming an American citizen. One would the acquiring of a good, working command of English. Secondly, a good and in depth education of the American ethics, culture and history. Finally upon completion of these tasks. The oath of allegiance should be administered with the understanding that you are now forsaking your former country, and leaving behind all ties, (excepting family communication), and becoming an AMERICAN.  Perhaps in the oath itself, there can be a provision made for just such a requirement. This would begin to eliminate the concept of a hyphenated American.

3)      After the five year moratorium we can begin to allow immigration again. However we must start to become more selective as to who does and who doesn’t gain entry in the United States. I would add here that during the mass immigration during the late 1800’s to early 1900’s not everybody that wished to come here gained acceptance. Many were also turned away. I am suggesting that points to entry similar to the now famous and historic Ellis Island in NYC, be established. I realize that it would be difficult due to the shrinking of the world via the ability to travel by air; however it would not be impossible.

4)      Perhaps applying for US Citizenship could be done through the US Embassies in various countries that would accept an application and forward it on to the Department of Homeland Security for further review. This would allows us to become more decisive as to who enter this country

5)      With our borders protected, we would then be able to assimilate all those that wish to gain entry to the US and eventually become US citizens.


Such are my thoughts on this issue.


I would like to add here that when Americans travel abroad, we are not hyphenated Americans. We are not black-American, nor White-Americans, nor this or that Americans; we are simply seen as Americans. We are the only nation in this world that I can think of that does not see ourselves for what we are; Americans