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     September 27, 2003


                                        The Bad News is That There IS Good News


Ever since the end of the war in Iraq, the leftist media has been saying how we are losing the peace. Heck just listen to the comments of the ten little Indians that are the current crop of prospective candidates for the Democrat Party.  Youd think that there are thousands of crosses just dotting the fields around Baghdad, for goodness sakes. 


President Bush has been called everything from a liar, to a failure, to an opportunist that used the war as a means to justify a political end.  And yet, yet there really is some good news. One just has to dig for it. Even the NY Times that purveyor of leftist psycho-babble has an article about how things are really going on in Iraq. However its on page sixteen of the Thursdays edition dated September 25, 2003.  This seems to be contrary to what the times and others on the left seem to saying to the American people. Funny how those same folks are always calling on the President to "tell the truth", and yet here it is in front of their faces and they can't come to terms with it. 


The article itself states that most of the Iraqis feel that freedom is worth the price that they are currently having to endure for the time being, and most wish to see a continued US presence.  In the area that is populated by the shiite faction of that nations Islamic population, those that were the victim of  Saddam and his cronies, some 78% are happy with the American forces, and backed the action.


Continuing on in an article by Donald E Walter of the NY Post, who at first was a severe critic of the War in Iraq, things are going very well indeed. What changed his mind? Well according to Mr. Walter the finding of some 57 mass graves including one that contained the bodies of some 1200 children was one factor. As he stated;

"Terrible things happened...thousands suffered while we were messing about with France, and Russia and Germany and the United Nations. Every one of them KNEW what was going on there.".


Subsequently by the time Mr. Walter left one third of the national power grid was up and running and 70% percent of the power lines had been restored. Additionally the refinery at Bayji was at 75% capacity. And by the way, those photos of the devastation of  Baghdad were mostly caused by the Iraqi Army as it fled the US led assault and by some of the Iraqi citizens themselves, that had recently been freed.


Remember the big deal that had been made over the Iraqi Museum? And then it later turned out that it was the Republican guard and the Iraqis themselves that had done all that damage and looting.  Boy that story sure got dropped in a hurry.


Recently I also read, there are some new schools being built based on a policy of an army divison that had been stationed at FT. Hood Texas. EDUCATION,  Where there was little, will now flourish. Not just for the men or the privileged but for all the people.


 In a column by Anne Coulter, at her website dated September 17, 2003, she points out how the NY Times continually uses the magnificent landing of our President on the aircraft carrier, wherein he declared all MAJOR combat operations were completed, as a benchmark of some sort when they present the bad news daily.  Yet just this morning I watched the TV, and have heard how the New Iraqi Council has been charged with the task of producing a constitution within the next six months.


I wonder that WHEN, no not if but WHEN they do it, will the NY Times bury that one some back page and report that 20 dogs of some rare breed only in Iraq were killed by friendly fire, and place that on page one. They simply cant stand the truth. I guess for the NY Times and other leftist publications it is true what they say in journalism; "if it bleeds, it leads.".