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                                                                                                        October 26, 2003


                                        Im Tired and I Wont Take it Anymore!


I am Tired (tarred in Texan, sorry ks if you are reading this)


For the last 3 years now the Democrats, no wait I am going to change their partys name to the Elitolibrocats, have been bashing the President, bashing America, bashing conservatives, and bashing just about anyone that doesnt see things the way they do. So much for tolerance from the party of tolerance.  I for one am tired and I wont take it anymore. So I feel its time to bash back.


 Let us start with their views on defense or lack thereof on their part.


 During every administration wherein the Elitolibrocrats have been in power in at least one form or another they have been soft on defense. In fact it seems to me that the only time they care about the American taxpayer is when it comes to defense spending.


Starting with Truman, and up through Carter, and then continuing on with Clinton they have either gutted defense programs, cut the financing or have bungled all military actions.


 Even the beloved JFK (who I do admire somewhat) lost his nerve during the Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba by, at the last minute denying critical naval and air cover for the Cuban Nationals that had been invading the island.  Had the invasion gone as planned, the Cuban missile crisis would never had occurred, the island would have a more democratic form of government and much of Latin America would not have fallen to Communism.  We have the Elitolibrocrats to thank for much of the unrest in those nations, because a President lost his nerve.


Moving on, we had hostages in Iran during the carter administration. Then President Jimmy Carter did nothing! Except try an ill fated and ill planned mission wherein this country was extremely embarrassed in the eyes of the world and made any attempt of getting those people out of Iran an impossibility. Is it a coincidence that as soon as President Regan took office on the day of his inauguration that those people were released without so much as a word?  I wonder what words were whispered into the ears of the mullahs convincing them that it would be in their best interest to set these people free?  And let us not forget the Russian invasion of Afghanistan. (Note that the former USSR did NOT consult the UN during that operation).  What did Mr. Carter do? He forcefully took the US Olympic Team from participation in that years Olympics, which I believed was taking place in the USSR. WOW! That really sent a strong message!


I could go on but suffice to say that during all those times when they were in power, the world became a much more dangerous place thereby making it unsafe for Americans.


Next up, let us discuss their concept of patriotism.


Every time I even mention it I hear how important and patriotic it is to be part of the opposition. WOW such a brave thing it is to do to practice your right to free speech and assembly. Try doing that in Cuba and you'll be in jail.  I mean this is almost mind-boggling. If you even question their allegiance to this country they accuse you of McCarthyism (who by the way was proven correct some 50 years later) yet here again we have to wonder why this group of people seem to be so in love with hating this country. Example, they want to remove the pledge of allegiance from the schools citing it is indoctrination. Excuse me, but isnt that what we as a nation want from our youth, that is to say a belief and a public civic agreement that you are part of this country? Is that not part of being an American? Why is this so hard for them to understand?


In a related little tidbit of information I happened to catch about 30 seconds of a speech given by someone during yesterdays protest ( from what I could see there probably less than about 3,000 people) calling for the President Bush, to get out of Iraq ( considering that a majority of Iraqis want us to stay this in itself is stupid). Cut defense, increase spending on social programs etc ad nauseum. Also he said that change should come from whatever means is necessary. Does this advocate violent overthrow of the government? These are strange words coming from someone who is speaking at a PEACE rally.


So once again we see that the idea of patriotism is a foreign notion to this crowd. 



So what is it that the Elitolibrocrats love? Well their allegiance and love affair seems to be with Communism and any two-bit dictator that practices it. Make no mistake about it; these people are NOT for the people. They are for power and the exercise thereof over everything and everybody, PERIOD! Oh I can hear the cries of McCarthyism again. But least you should doubt then I would suggest you read Anne Coulters book Treason. She presents a very valid and extremely informative case. 


I will say here, (and I am sort of paraphrasing and echoing Ms. Coulter) that if one would take the time to look it up one would find that during every Elitolibrocratic administration, Communism expanded. If you have any doubts just look at maps during the past 50 years and see how one by one many countries in Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa were consumed by Communism. 


This horrendous form of government was and still is responsible for the deaths, torture, and imprisonment of countless hundreds of millions of people through out the world.  Yet these people see no evil in all of this, but they do find evil in the pledge of allegiance go figure!


Just as a note, these people abandoned Taiwan, in favor of putting that bastion of human rights, RED China on the UN Security Council. Abandoned South Vietnam by denying (the Nixon administration) funds to continue the fight when the North had invaded after breaking the treaty (and as a result sparked the killing fields of Cambodia). Abandoned Cuban Nationals during the Bay of Pigs invasion, thereby starting the dominoes falling in Latin America, and pretty much let the former Soviet Union or its puppets march anywhere in the world that they wanted to without so much as a peep. 



The pro-choice policies, (that is when it comes to abortion), are the only "pro" concept the Elitolibrocrats understand.


 For everything else they are anti-choice anything.  The idea of school vouchers that would give the poorest of parents a CHOICE in what schools their children could attend is vehemently and consistently opposed to by them AND they cronies the teachers unions.  Yet many of them have the financial freedom to send their OWN kids to the best schools in the country. 


They are anti-choice when it comes to the second amendment so that no one should be free to CHOOSE whether they can or want to own a firearm by continually voting for stronger gun laws.  Which, btw, they never seem to be able to enforce because they tie the hands of law enforcement with other regulations that they are constantly enacting with a flourish and zealous passion as to make the Spanish Inquisition look tame.  This anti-gun stance goes hand in hand with their soft stand on crime. 


They are anti-religion, in so far as ANY reference to the mention of God anywhere in a public place has become almost a crime. Citing their desire to keep church and state separated they pretty much excluded any reference of God to the point of ridicule.


 I want to know what choices they DO offer in things other than the choice of somebodys 14-year-old daughter being able to obtain an abortion without parental consent?


The bashing of President Bush has become a wonderful pastime with them.


In fact recently in the view of former First Lady Barbara Bush the mostly doing that to get the exposure in the media that they so desperately want, because they have no real thought in the arena of ideas. They are constantly calling the President a liar, accusing him of using the War on Terror to further his political career and have obstructed every policy that the Bush administration has put forward. I was pleased to read this very morning that many of the 10 little Indians that are currently running for President have taken to sniping each other. What a refreshing change that is. 




How about partisan politics?


All of this of course comes on their promise to be cooperative with the Republicans. Sad to say their idea of cooperation is a one-way street.  President Bush practically let Mr. Kennedy have card blanch on the education bill, spending far more than the President had intended. He has opened his hand in friendship by dedicating a government building in the name of Mr. Kennedys deceased brother. And yet has stood in the way of EVERYTHING the President wants to achieve. THIS is cooperation? How about the blocking of every MINORITY candidate that the President has put forth for judicial positions? Arent they the all-inclusive party? 


So here you have it in a nutshell. The Elitolibrocrats are;

1)      Anti-choice on anything (unless it kills an unborn baby)

2)      Obstructionist

3)      Soft on Crime

4)      Soft on Communism

5)      Soft on Terrorism (communisms replacement)

6)      Soft on any idea that would actually help the American People (tax cuts, school vouchers)



AH,,,, little bashing DOES feel good once and a while.