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                                                                                                            September 6, 2003



                                                    Bush Bashing Round Two


Last evening I happened to catch just a small snippet of the several Democratic candidates for President. I say a small snippet because it was all I could stomach. These extremely boring losers had nothing better to do than gripe about what a horrid job our beloved President Bush was doing. One of them, Dick Gephart, declared and decried President Bush as a miserable failure along with his tax cut plan.  What it turned out to be was a Bush bashing session. (See I had yet to hear what any of those candidates would do IF they were elected President of the United States. 


And so it goes with the Democrats. All they seemingly know how to do is criticize the President. Someday, someone will call them on the carpet and ask them specially Well EXACTLY WHAT do you plan to do? I would really like to be around when that happens because I firmly believe not one of them would be exact, nor detail precisely what they would do in such a situation.  And that would show the American people exactly what they were getting with these folks.


If I had to choose someone that I could live with in the Democratic Party I would support Joe Lieberman. After coming out from under the liberal umbrella of the failed Gore/Lieberman campaign of 2000, the senator has at least begun to re-establish himself as more conservative voice in that party.  At the very least, he realizes that the America is not a nation that desires big government. I believe he sees it through the eyes of a conservative in so far as that it is the individual that makes America work and not government.   In the words of JFK;


"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what YOU can do for your country"


All this being said, I feel that the President could do better in checking his own party, because they seem to be as big on Big Government as the Liberals and the Democratic Party that they have come to dominate.